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Customer Testimonials

The Dad's Auto Service staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

After getting three different estimates for a new transmission on my Monterro SUV, Al was recommended to me by a friend. After I had my truck towed to his service station and after Al checked my truck, I got some very surprising news. My transmission was just fine and it was only a blown fuse that was causing the problem. Not only did Al find out what the other stations couldn't or wouldn't, he only fixed what was really wrong. He has earned my trust and respect for his honesty.
- Andy Schmelzer
Hubertus, WI
I have a 2006 Freestyle that started making a very unsettling noise from the transmission, after receiving a repair estimate from the dealership for over $6300.00, I was looking into replacing the vehicle at a loss when I found Al at Dads auto repair. Al did a tremendous job and not only did it only take him a couple of days he did it for $4000.00 LESS than the dealer quoted me. that is not a typo by the way. Al will be seeing me again for all my repair needs and I will be telling everyone I know to go to Dads. thanks again Al.
- D. Atchison
East Troy
I have been taking my vehicles to Al since before he opened Dads and there was never a doubt in my mind he would end up where he is today. At Dads you are treated with respect and most of all an HONEST diagnosis of your problem. Over the past few years times have been tough for everyone and its a testamony to quality work and care that Dads is still here. Thanks AL and Dave! Oh sorry, you to Ike.
- J.M.
I have a 1999 Dodge Ram that started having tranny problems and i was told AND i researched on-line that this was a common and expensive problem!!I checked around and had a few estimates and at DADS I was told....Dont worry, it wont cost all that much. I WAS WORRIED!! But 2 guys I know with Dodge trucks said DADS is where you HAVE to take it!So I did..and I was extremly happy with the price and the work!! I WILL GO BACK!! I would highly recommend them!!
- Dan Murawski
I drive an 2004 Audi TT; it is the best car that I have ever owned. I sadly thought I was going to have to start looking for a new car based on a replacement quote for a new triptronic transmission...Al at Dad's Auto listened to my description of the problem without judgment, and then drove the car to see if he could reproduce the problem shift. He KNEW it needed a new valve body, gave me his opinion on the part I needed, and told me he would begin working on it as soon as the part arrived. He shared the experience he had working on a similar transmission and even showed me the old part after he had switched it with the new one. My car shifts smoothly again, and the triptronic transmission is not something just anyone can repair. I was so happy driving in one morning to work that I called just to say thank you. This is a professional and clean place; I felt confident leaving my car there to be cared for. Thank you!
- Kelli
Dads Auto Service - The most honest place around. You will not find another like it. Thought I had transmission problems, and they did all the testing. Cleared out a few engine light codes, and I was good to go. Could have been a huge bill, if they chose to do so. I would tell all the Veterans I know, and my friends to have their vehicles serviced at Dads.
- Jeff Doc Dentice
Muskego, WI.
I took my dodge cummins to Al for transmission rebuild and some other stuff. Drove 3 1/2 hours to get to dads auto, turns out I'm more then happy with the overall trip. Al is a great guy and a joy to do business with, would recommend Al and dads to anyone. Great price great product thanks Al.
- Eric Williams
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